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The Benefits of Mulching

Mulching beautifies your planting beds by having the bare soil covered with an attractive layer of material which would give you a variety of positive benefits which include making your garden maintenance a lot easier while it also helps in improving your plants’ health. Organic mulching materials, like wood chips, grass clippings, straw, and leaves, give you the greatest benefits.

Keeping The Moisture

You may have already known for a fact that majority of the plants need to have moisture at all times in order for them to grow properly. Mulch will help you keep the soil moist for longer than what you can have from uncovered dirt. The material will be able to absorb the water should there be rainfall in your area or perhaps irrigation and it slows down the evaporation of moisture that the soil has collected. With the improved water retention, you will then be able to reduce the need to irrigate frequently which would result to you being able to space out the plant watering longer so that you can also cut down a bit of your water consumption. Mulching could also help you slow down erosion as it is able to prevent water from washing away the soil out of the garden.
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Taking Control of Soil Temperature
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Mulch is made also as an insulating layer that would benefit the temperature of the soil because whenever the weather changes in temperature, it would only slowly affect the ground’s temperature. Putting on mulch early summer of in the spring would be the best way for you to retain the cool temperature of the soil for much longer. The mulching material has the capability of absorbing some of the sun’s rays which would result to slower temperature increase of the soil. The layer of mulch is also beneficial in times of a temperature drop during fall and winter because it will retain some of the soil’s heat. And because you have warmer soil for your plants, you are actually helping them grow a bit longer than they would have had otherwise, and with it, you will be protecting the roots of these plants from the harsh temperatures of winter season.

Suppress Weed Effectively

While some weed growth are pushed out if you have healthy plant growth, you can actually suppress even more unwanted weed growth in your gardens if you a layer of mulch. Sunlight will be blocked by the layer of mulch which would prevent it from reaching the germinating weeds and it is exactly because of this that these weeds won’t be able to grow. Also, whenever weed seeds land on top of the layer of mulch, they won’t be able to grow some roots deeply into the soil which is why even if they grow, they will be so much easier to remove.