I Am Compassionate Towards Tenants

I am not the type of person who takes satisfaction in someone else’s misery. I have had my own share of pitfalls in life, which is one of the reasons why I want to try and make life easy on others. I wish someone had taken that perspective so many times throughout my growing pains years, and it taught me a lot about compassion. I decided to go into the property management business because a lot of my troubles stemmed from the places where I had grown up. Even when I was in college, the room I had rented for nearly four years had its problems.

I knew that no one deserved to have to put up with what I and other students endured, and I decided to become a part of the change. I truly do believe that anyone can become a property manager, but it takes a special perspective to become a great one. When I first graduated college, I had a lot of student loan debt. I wanted to own a home within so many years of graduating, but my debt took precedence. It was just too scary to own when renting looked so much more desirable when coupled with what I owed.

I was reading an online journal the other day that is devoted to property managers, and I saw where even today that trend is continuing. Because of that, young people starting out are trending toward apartment rentals rather than home ownership, and that is where I come in. I know their pain and frustration, so it is my job to make sure they are happy to call one of my apartments their home. It is ironic how this has come full circle, but it is also beneficial for me since I can relate to both sides, the management as well as the tenants.