The Advantages Offered by a Good User Manual

When consumers want to know how to use a product they have purchased, they can refer to a user manual. Learning the proper way to use a device will greatly reduce the risk of destroying it by accident. This means less RMA rates, and considerably lower expenses associated with it. Though this is perhaps its best advantage, a user manual can also be beneficial in other ways.

When a manual is well-written, it offers more benefits:

Limits the legal problems linked with the misuse of products

When products are not used the proper way, this can result to severe injuries and even death. This is especially true when it comes to high voltage equipment, lasers, heat generating devices and different mechanical tools, among others. It is important to place the respective tags in manuals as a safety measure to end-users and to protect manufacturers from legal consequences. Furthermore, there should be warning stickers in products where they could easily be seen, like beside the openings and interlocks.

Saves the time and effort of the engineers and salesmen in explaining to end-users

When a manual is comprehensive, engineers and salesmen spend less time explaining to the customers the way to use products or their other features. This, however, requires good technical writing skills. It is vital for the writer to put himself in the customer’s shoes, so he should not be biased. Thus, he should be someone who is not connected to the company.

Serves as a sales brochure

There is no product brochure that offers sufficient info that engineers need when they are in search of a particular product to incorporate into their system. Only a user manual can provide all that you need in one place. Customers usually look for a product’s user manual before they ask for a quotation. When companies want to market their product and every positive feature it has, they can always start with a user manual.

Carries the image of the company

Technical documentation is the way you treat your customers. You want your customers to be well-informed about your products so that they would think that they are not only user-friendly, but a good investment as well. At times, the technical papers let your customers get easily hooked on your product in no time. The enable the engineers to have a good disposition. This way, you gain more positive feedback and successful endeavors.