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Marketing for Bowling Alleys One all-weather sport that just about anyone can enjoy is bowling. Bowling is a great way to spend time with loved ones as well, you can easily enjoy it on the weekends over conversations, foods and drinks. The question now is how you can effectively promote your bowling center to the general public. Fun themes and promotional events will get those casual and expert bowlers through your doors and start knocking some pins down in no time. Fundraiser Events You can choose a charity of your choice and hold bowling nights as a fundraiser. You can have customers pay an entrance fee to cover the lane fees and every time they get a strike or a spare, you or the customers can contribute a certain predetermined amount to the charity. You can even have other contributions for other hits or plays as well. With the internet these days, it is very easy to come up with an ad in social media before and after the bowling events.
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Get Glowing People usually go out bowling at night and let’s face it, more people are free at night so you should use this to your advantage and get the night owls to flock to your bowling center with Midnight Bowling events. Back-light bowling, glow-bowling or “glowling” , call it whatever you like, involves turning the bowling lanes into glow-in-the-dark fun runways for an even more exciting night. You can easily have specialty lights and gels and strobe lights to get the Technicolor and glow effect, so it really doesn’t have to break your banks. Once you have established a regular schedule for this type of even you can start adding in some black light-receptive bowling balls and glow tapes to place down the lanes. It is perfectly safe to leave the glow tapes in place since they won’t reflect and glow under other lighting conditions.
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Discounts and Promotions As established, just about anyone can go bowling without any skill, this means that children and seniors can enjoy bowling as well. Have children and enjoy a free game when they have a paying adult or friend along with them. You might want to have a grandparents’ night where kids can bowl at reduced fees while their grandparents can bowl for free, this is a great way to encourage repeat customers in the future. Another way to get more customers is by offering 2 for 1 deals during the summer where more people are opting to stay in town than going away. It is also important that you keep your current customers satisfied because it is always cheaper to keep a customer than to find new ones.